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hmmm....? (about uninstalling)

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I'm trying to uninstall/reinstall the sim, because I feel like I have a bunch of files which dont work, and picking them out 1 by 1 would be irritating. Anyways, I initialized the uninstalling, asking it to remove all of its files on the way. Well, at the end, it said the uninstall was succesul, but I noticed that I still had a few files. When I tried to delete them, It kept saying. Access denied, make sure the disk is not protected, and is not in use. It was doing that for the file 737.gau, does anyone know what I can do. I want to start with the sim from scratch, because my bro is gonna kill me if I take up too much memory, lol, jk. Thanks for the help

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Windows protects too much.
Restart your computer and the chances are great the it will either be deleted already or it will now let you delete it.


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