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I just found this on my never ending quest for enlightenment and felt compelled to share it with you:

i have a custom pc and every time i reformat it does not do it right as far as wiping the hard drive out and installing windows it reformats and installs windows but it misses and i know i need that file but i dont know how it still working and when it wipes out the hard drive it says the hard drive could not verify hard drive size and i dont have enough memory and it says or my cd may contain corrupt files and i have alot of windows disks like windows xp sp2 and sp3 i have a brand new disk also of sp2 and it still says the same thing i got the pc from a friend because my old pc the motherborad fried i did put a new stick of ram in the dont match but its compatible memory pc2100 and pc2700 ddr ram so please if anyone could help me i would really apreacate it

Now, if you don't know where this is heading kids, just ignore it and go back practicing how to add textures to your 777s 😀

I particularly like the way the first respondent starts his reply:

I stared at this post for 5 minutes and thought about the "badger-badger" song. Now I'm going to lock myself in a closet with a bottle of Jack and a revolver and see what happens.

Seriously... WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot, Over?

Does this scenario sound familiar? If you want to read the whole topic - it's quite short and funny - look here:

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I understood it, but wow. Could he be any stupider?

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