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Again I ask.........Why a security code?

Brannigan Guest

A user name and password must be sufficient to log-in to your site, surely?

It would make life much simpler for everyone who is posting queries as to why they can't log-in, if the security code obligation was not required

After all, this is a flightsim site not entry into a Government database!


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luchtzak Trainee


the security-code is used to prevents bots (computers) to hack the website, it can be your nickname that they hack or the admin-nickname to destroy the entire website. So don't be annoyed about entering 6 digits into a box.



Brannigan Guest


I can understand your concern about hackers but it is a miracle, sometimes, if I can even get a security number to appear in the box to copy, enabling me to 'sign in'!

If a massive site like can cope with a nickname and password entry then I cannot see the problem this site has to do the same?


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