fs2006 enhancements

Davd O' Guest

FS2004 is close to where FS needs to be. A few enhancements would be super, even with an expected increase in the out the door price.

1. Gates at all regional and international airports.
2. Moving Ground Support Equipment and, throw in some people, at all airports.
3. Enhanced and complete major bridges, towns and cities with "moving" vehicle traffic along major highways at night.
4. Provide for selecting an instrument approach to a different runway when two or more are in use, without having to "circle to land" on the "active" at controlled airports. The current feature is ok at uncontrolled airports.
5. Clean up the sequencing of aircraft approaching for landing, so aircraft are not required to "go around" so often.
6. Clean up the ATC Feature, so when you are given an ATC instruction requiring a reply, YOUR reply is taken first and you don't have to wait for a string of other replys before getting in to ATC.
7. Provide for transponder "radio inop" and "emergency" code recognition.
8. Provide for Stars and Sids in the "planning" function, so you don't have to "drag" the red line around and/or delete fixes to "compose" a Standard Arrival or Standard Departure Procedure...
9. Provide for enroute wx information on 122.0 AND a way to access wx WITHOUT having to leave the flight, such as being able to contact a Flight Service Station while enroute...122.0 would work.
10. Beef up the panels with cautionary and emergency visual and audible signals.
11. Provide for "cabin calls" in airliners
12. AND, how good would it be to have an interactive First Officer in the airliners or another pilot or pax in light aircraft.

Keep up the good work...we love this stuff!

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