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TGI and TSP Agrees Terms for Affiliation!

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Trans Global International VA and TransPondAir VA have both agreed terms in order to become affiliated with each other. Under the agreement both virtual airlines will aim to work closely in order to improve the experience for all pilots and air traffic controllers of both virtual airlines.

As part of the agreed terms Trans Global International VA have approved the use of their FS Host server to TransPondAir VA members, which will allow the opportunity for improved multiplayer sessions and added traffic for the air traffic controllers. A dedicated channel for TransPondAir VA members has also been created on the Trans Global International VA teamspeak server allowing a location for boardroom meetings to take place and a pilots lounge.

Trans Global International VA members are now permitted to attend the TransPondAir VA airshow on Sunday 30th August at San Juan (TJSJ) and any event that will be hosted in the future. TransPondAir VA members will also be able to attend any event hosted by Trans Global International VA.

In the future Trans Global International VA and TransPondAir VA will be looking at hosting joint events for the members of both airlines to enjoy as we continue to improve and grow.

Pilots of Trans Global International VA and TransPondAir VA will only be able to fly for their respective virtual airlines using the Virtual Airline Financial System (VAFS). However it is possible to connect to both the FS Host Server and Teamspeak servers at the same time as flying on VAFS and experience air traffic controllers when available.

The management of both virtual airlines are keen to hear what their members views are in regards to the affiliation agreement, and are happy receive any suggestions on improving operations & ideas for joint future events or other matters that will help us grow.

Trans Global International VA members contact:-

TransPondAir VA members contact:-

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