good aircraft?

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Im looking for a new aircraft to download. Got any recommendations and maybe some links?

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Carenado Cessna 182 Skylane II RG for FSX:

FSInsider/Just Flight Cessna 152:
Boeing T-45 Goshawk 1.80 by Dino Cattaneo:

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matt_flyaway Trainee

anything in a commerical airliner?

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POSKY's Zoom Airlines 767 is a really good quality plane.
If your looking for a jet that is.

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If you've got the cash, both PMDG's 747 and MD-11 are awesome. The MD-11 was released more recently, and is a bit more polished than the 74, but only when it comes to things outside of the cockpit. (Opening and closing cargo doors, for example.)

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