which one is best?

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Hi guys.
Next year I am starting my PPL 🙂 but i have the option to do it on a cessna 182 RG or piper cherokee PA28-160.I have already been on an intro flight in the cessna and enjoyed it. But does anyone know the big differences between the planes, and which one is best? I know the cherokee is cheaper but thankfully for me cost is not an issue.

regards J

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High Wing and Low wing I've only flown high wing for my PPL IE the 172 and the 182 I like the heavier feel of the 182 especially when landing. I've never flown a piper but my instructor tells me they are good planes. Try them both my instructor say's that it's best to train in different planes every once in a while to get yourself accustomed to flying different single engine, fixed gear aircraft. If you want to fly retractable you have to get an endorsement from your instructor.

Complex is retractable gear, extendable flaps, and constant speed prop like the 182 if I am correct.

Good luck and see you in the sky's 🍻

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Thanks for the info. The 182 is fixed gear not retractable

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There isn't a huge amount of difference between the two. As has been mentioned, the high wing / low wing is the biggest difference.

I personally find the low wing aircraft easier to land - you get better visibility for the landing attitude and judging the flare in ground effect seems easier. The 172 / 182 have quite a big panel where flaring often means you don't get to judge against the horizon.

General handling wise, there isn't too much difference - both very stable aircraft. They have similar stall characteristics and both resist wing drop quite well.

Low wing aircraft have fuel pumps, whereas the Cessna aircraft are gravity fed. Doesn't make much difference but just something to be aware of.

Cessna flaps are electric, Piper flaps are manual...almost like a handbrake in the centre console that you use to extend and retract flap.

Given the choice, I'd probably go for the low wing Piper, but then I've spent a fair few hours in Cessnas so am happy flying other low winged aircraft.

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