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Hello fellow knights of the skies. I have a small but frustrating Problem with my FSX. I own the Deluxe version and on my old system everything worked just fine. However, ever since I reinstalled FSX on my new system, I can't start from a Parking spot and/or gate anymore.

No matter what I do I end up in the middle of the Runway. This occurs only in MP Mode. Furthermore I can't open the map when I am in MP mode, no matter whether I am Host of a session or not.

My apologies if this was asked or resolved in another post, but the search button didn't bring any usable results, thus I posted this thread to get the problem solved, or at least explained.

I run FSX with SP2


VAC4250 (Alex)

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i cant use a map on mp with accel (sp2) didn't know you could!

i just click on the drop down and select to start at the airport, not nearest the host eiter on the ground or in the air.

give it a go and let us know

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Starting were you want to depends on if the host of of the session, for example, they have to enable you to be able to choose were you start.
If they don't you will just start on the runway.

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