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That is what you get with Global Virtual Airways.

We have over 185,000 individual active Real World routes featuring over 730 airlines, as well as 120 classes of aircraft and over 220 specific aircraft types. All in all we have over 1 million flight routes in our database that are updated in real time. When a real world airline brings a route online, so do we.

No other VA in the world has this capability!

The leadership of Global Virtual Airways has over 20 years of combined VA management experience, and our primary goal is to create a whole new virtual experience for our pilots. One in which every virtual aviator can find what they want. Do you want to fly commuters around the Australian outback? No problem. How about flying a 777 from NY to Tokyo? No problem. We will have seven crew bases scattered around the globe from NY to the Far East, Europe to Australia. Our pilots will be able to reach any major airport in the world!

On top of that, we expect all of our pilots to have something that has disappeared from too many VA's..........Fun! This is our hobby, and the management at Global Virtual Airways has not forgotten that. We want all of our pilots to never have to look for another virtual home.

Thanks again for your interest in Global Virtual Airways and we will be seeing you in the World's skies soon!

The Board of Directors
Global Virtual Airways

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