Need advice on AI and such after comp failiure

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Hi there, first post so bare with me 😀

Basicaly, my computer suffered a hideous faliure a few weeks ago. Fortunatley my new one got here a few days ago, and I am now ready to re-install FSX, which I am ready to do. (I am also lucky enough to have my RAM boosted from 2gb to 4gb, which should help my frame rates enourmously because even at 2gb they were herrendous 😞 ).

I am unfortunatley heartbroken that I have lost 2 years work of modding FSX, including Ultimate traffic and scenery (I didn't have too many add on aircraft as they didn't work with DX10 - which i needed to get my framerates up!). Unfortunatley, due to the time that has passed since purchase, I am unable to re-download theese packages and this is really dissapointing me about Ultimate Traffic.

So after that long intro, heres my question. I don't want to pay for Ultimate Traffic again and I dont really want payware again. So the obvious option would be WorldOfAi right? Firstly, I dont know if they are DX 10 compatiable, and secondly I just don't have time to download all the ones I want (2 at a time due to the tragic avsim hack) and Install them. Can say all the Europe packages be downloaded at once? Are there any WorldofAi packages zipped up and ready to go?

If not, I would be more than happy with a series of repaints that simply replaced the default textures, this was done in FS9 with 747 and the 737 as I remember using the Virgin Express 737 all the time. Does such a package exist for FSX.

Finaly, I remember there being a freeware AI package, with loads of airlines (albeit with generic flight plans but this was ok!) that I think i may have got from simviation but possibly avsim, which contained lots of aircraft that when parked, had baggage carts and catering trucks come to their doors? does this ring a bell? Is it available for FSX in DX10?.

I really appriecate your time in helping me with this problem.



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Well first of all, i recommend WorldOfAi, i use it, lots of traffic with it.
And you don't have to download the packages from AVSIM, they can be D/L from Flight
And for repaints, i would just go look around on sites such as Simviation, Flyaway, Flight, you know just sites like that, they have many good ones.
And also for repaints, look up a site called FSX SKINS, they have many repaints for every default fsx aircraft, but once again you will have to use flightsim instead of avsim for that.

And im pretty sure most of this stuff is DX10 Compatible, and i can't help you with that package with cater trucks and everything, cause i have never heard of it.

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