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Hi Guys I am back. I don' know if any one remembers me. I used to post some but haven't for maybe 6 months. Anyway I may start to once again post my utterly useless, extremely insane, and amazingly profound information. 🙄 I got into flight sim again today as a result of seeing the Vectron Dayton Air Show. Did anyone else see this and if so what did you think? 😀 I was also wondering how I post a pics
Thanks Rolaids

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Don't know anything about the airshow, but to post pics you need to upload them somewhere (Photobucket for example, or if you have access to a webserver), copy the image's url, and put it in between [ img ] and [ /img ], except take out the spaces.

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Ok Thanks I had a weird screen shot I wanted to show everyone. I tried uploading it to the flyaway screenshot gallery but it wouldn't let me. Said I couldn't use that file type but it was a .jpg. Not sure what is happening 😕

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