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TOO Kid and all.
I want to apologies to every on for some of my off beat posts.
Being new here I didn't know the situation of visitors.
If I hurt someones feelings I am very truly sorry.
I am here to help other people,Not hurt them
I'm really sorry as this is not my nature.
Have a good Holiday all.

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It takes guts to apologise and I respect that. I know my posting back to you was strong - PH is a major part of this site and I admit I saw red when I saw your post.

Suggest we put it behind us and concentrate on all things Flying from here forward!

Anyway we should all be mourning - BOEING CEASED PRODUCTION OF THE 757 LAST WEEK... THE END OF A CLASSIC !

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Thanks for your reply KID.
PS ,When I was with a pro soccor club we had a Brien Kid from the UK
playing for our teem

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Happy Christmas to you all

'BOEING CEASED PRODUCTION OF THE 757 LAST WEEK' Boeing came close to stopping production of the 737 many years back and that would have been a mistake as the 737 is their top model. lets hope they made the right choice about the 757.

Still very happy with my 737NG.


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Yes, I agree Patw...... The article that I read regarding the closure of the 757 line, quoted that "the 757 was always a modest aircraft and never reached the status of the ever present 737".....

If you dig deep on the Internet and get to check out the purchase costs of new Aircraft, it's easy to see why the 757 could no longer compete - I dont't have the figures to hand but it was significantly more expensive than even the largest series 737....

Glad you're still enjoying the 737NG...... It still gets a lot of service from me too !

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