Wilco Airbus autopilot won't work (at AES Airport)

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I tried to start in Zurich on runway 16 with a Wilco airbus A321.

After Takeoff the autopilot won't work, but in Seattle is all working.

What should I do??

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Question very vague...

Did u set everything correctly in the FMC? Is it updating waypoints as you fly? Does it even recognize where you are when you initialize it? Do you have autopilot on after 1000 feet climbout?

I can tell you a lot about the Wilco Airbus as that is what I have flown many many times for USAVA, but unless I know what the exact parameters were I cannot tell you where you were missing a step.

Capt Hughes Guest

Hello guys,

i've been having the same problem as well when i'm using the wilco A320, i normally just fly out of TNCM(St.Maarten) but not matter how i set the FMC i receive the same issue not being able to engage the autopilot...any suggestions???


i have something the same...I can not get the plane to respond to the AP after takeoff...the light comes on but the plane will not respond to the AP...no lateral, speed, or VS commands are being regarded by the aircraft...it seems to only be with active sky running

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