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Picked up a new Aviation Sim recently.... but you don't get to fly any planes at all in it !

This is AIRLINE 5, which is a "Airline Management Simulation", where you set up your own Airline and get involved in everything from the funding and financials, to your Aircraft fleet, and Route Network.

A lot is covered, you can set up a small Regional, a huge global, Scheduled, Charter or cargo.... you also get to set your Airfares, appoint your staff and set up reward and frequent flyer programs.

The Good
Really addictive stuff. I started by setting up a small regional airline called "Scot Air" operating flights around the UK and Europe from my hub in Glasgow. I bought 4 Dash-8 aircraft, set up my network and off I went. I lost 3million in the first quarter ! After some big changes to Routes, Aircraft Utilization and fares, I was making just under a Million during my 3rd Quarter !

The Bad
The Sim could have better graphics and it would be great to be able to design you own livery and see it on various types of planes. The Sim is about strategy primarily but it could be enhanced by some better visuals.

The Ugly
There are a couple of aspects about the sim which are pretty amateur - there is no AutoRun on the CD and no printed Instructions which caused some problems for the first couple of hours of using it.

But worst of all, if you enter an incorrect formula (like if you schedule a plane to fly a route at a time that is BEFORE it's previous arrival), you get a plain old "Run Time Error" and the entire sim closes down.... and unless you saved your scenario recently, you lose everything.

Effectively this means you have to SAVE your current scenario, approximately every 3 or 4 minutes to avoid losing out... this becomes tiring and I'm sure the developers should be able to address this Run Time Error and instead display a standard error message within the Application.

But overall this is fun and addictive and I'm sure anyone who is in to the Airline side of things will seriously enjoy it!

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