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I've asked this question before, but everywhere around this site, I see that membership fees are $5/month. However, when I signed up (around 2-3 years back), I think it was $5/lifetime rather than /month. So, I would like to know if I will be charged $5/month instead of /lifetime.

*My dad's looked at his credit card bills and he says there isn't FlyAway Membership on there, but I just want to be safe... and ask. 😂

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No your lifetime one time charge should stay in effect.
If you like, check Pay-Pal or your credit card however you initially paid for this site.


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When I started it was five a month, but I think my parents quite paying. However my account is still open. Who knows why, It seems like there have been a lot of issues with the membership fee over the years.

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Paypal closed my account as i had at the time a negative paypal balance, i did e-mail fly away about a month ago asking how to re-new it but no reply, And i am still abel to log-in and download stuff.

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