air traffic control intallation failed?

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hi guys i have upgraded fsx original to deluxe edition and i was on mulitplayer and i thought what it would be like in the tower so i go and make my own session and then i click role and click air traffic controler and then a box appers,its says: installation failed.tower control and when i saw that i thought oh yea a little glich the i clicked on fly now and wiated then when the loading is complet i see my self in a plane and not in the control tower can some one help me fix this problem? ❓ plz help me ❗

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That's a tough one, the only thing i can think of would be maybe you installed fsx wrong.

Try maybe reinstalling FS and during the process DON'T have any other programs or anything running on your pc.

And after that, if you have any add-ons or anything, add then back one at a time and play the game and add the second and play the game etc...
Maybe one of them is screwing up.

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