Gone west young man...

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So I got a little antsy... being unemployed will do that to you. I decided I needed to take a little walk..

So I walked onto a 757 bound for Chicago... got there yesterday morning... then i decided chicago was not far enough, so I walked onto another 757 bound for Portland, Oregon!

I am documenting my trip out west on my facebook pages:

So far I have pix of the flights out there.

Will update as I travel. Next up, gotta see the majestic pacific ocean. I hear it's big.

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Bob (Traches) First Officer

Got family that works for united I take it?

My dad works for delta, I've always had an urge to just walk up to the ticket agent and say "Whaddya got?"

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

Nope... No one in my family works for any airline... I just love United since they have the flight deck channel.

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Welshflyer Captain

Hey bel i must apologise, i looked at this last week and honestly thought i had posted a reply Embarassed , great pics and would love to see some more 😀 . Tell me more about this flight deck channel please 😎 .

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

Pretty straightforward stuff Welsh... on most United flights whether domestic or foreign, they have channel 9 of their xm satellite radio linked to com 1. So pretty much from atc clearance, through to arriving at your gate you get to hear what the pilot and FO are saying as well as all the other traffic and tower conversations.

While other passengers are wondering why we are making a left just after takeoff, I know... United 973 turn left heading 270...

I love it. I did not know but looks like pilots generally relay to tower the air condition too when they check in, unlike FS2004 where all you get is airplane id, and altitude. Most everyone I heard at cruising altitude was saying things like "Minneapolis Tower, Delta 547, FL380, light chop up here.", so the tower could advise other pilots, ok FL380 is a lil bumpy... You may wanna try FL400... or something like that.

SO far United is the only airline I know of who lets you listen in. For an aviation nut it is a dream come true, you feel like an insider.

Channel 9 on United.

Btw I am still in Oregon for another week. I have some new pix up of our beach stay, but we have been at her house for the last few days, so nothing new to report.

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

Back in Pittsburgh, and the trip pictures are all up on facebook if anyone wants to see em.

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Welshflyer Captain

No good to me bel i'm not on facespacetwitterreunited, i did'nt like em when i was in school with em 😀 !

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Good to hear you're back home and safe bel! Go dust off that axe and start practicing

Welshflyer wrote:

.. i'm not on facespacetwitterreunited, i did'nt like em when i was in school with em 😀 !

I hear you WF... I remember the days when "twitter" was something only birds did (the kind with two wings)...
when ecstasy was a state of mind, not something you have to score, pay for and then swallow...
when "cool" was stuff found in the fridge...
when instead of "hook up" with people you'd smoke them...

...and when auntie Roberta used to be uncle Robert

totally awesome dude

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art lippel (effieveda) First Officer

Welcome back bel. Hope you find a gig soon.

It's good to see that WF and TH have not lost their senses of humor (or should that just be senses). That was really funny stuff!

By the way TH, how is uncle Robert doing these days?



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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

Well ya missing out on some decent aviation pix there, and a fabulous trip.

ALTHOUGH... I am planning on doing trip blogs from now on similar to how I did the US Air thing... So maybe that will get you to look.

Right now I am concentrating on getting some home based work going so I do not have to sell my soul to corporate anymore... But rest assured, I SHALL be travelling again.

P.S.- The link the pix are on is PUBLIC... no membership to facebook is needed.

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