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hey yall, I am getting a new computer next week (an improvement but nothing top of the line so I wont bore you with details) and along with FS X I am thinking of giving x plane 9 a try. I saw the promo video and thought that it had some nice features like the damage to the window in a hailstorm or bird strike. While i expect that FSX will always be my main sim, I am curios if anyone had tried it and if they had an oppinion of it?

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I've got x-plane 9, made a thread about it awhile back about it if you care to find it.

I like it and use it from time to time, but it really needs to be refined a little bit before i would use it as my main sim. For one the addon planes just aren't as good... Seems like most of them use the same cockpit layout with a few changes. Also, assigning controls is downright awkward, and even figuring out what the default hotkeys are is a challenge!

It's also not nearly as pretty as FSX, but then again it runs at much better framerates.

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Thanks Traches, I havnt looked it up yet but I will. Your coments are exactly what I was looking for. Sounds like they got a good thing but havent developed it to the point where I think I will join in.

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