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TGI Launches 24/7 Direct Connect Server

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Trans Global International VA are pleased to announce our new 24/7 direct connect server. Due to increased reports of port forwarding issues by our members on the FS Host server it was decided by the TGI board that we either had to resolve the issues or find an alternative server as a matter of urgency.

After long consideration by the TGI board including number of hours spent on assisting members with port forwarding issues it was concluded that we needed to look for an alternative to FS Host. There seemed very few alternatives to FS Host server but after testing by our Quality Assurance Officers along with our development team, the decision was made to move to a direct connect 24/7 server.

From the 14th of September 09 the TGI FS Host server will be closed along with most of the channels on our Teamspeak Server, however Teamspeak will still be used from time to time for pilot training, meetings, technical support along with our affiliated airlines channels.

Our direct connect 24/7 server will be easier to operate and does not require any further downloads for it to operate.

The direct connect server is only available for members of TGI and affiliated airlines. To join TGI that has a 24/7 dedicated server and over 900 routes on VAFS the click the following link.

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