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how do you add flour bombs to your air craft in free flight and can you have more than one player aircraft in free flight i want to refuel a plane in ree flight.

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Ok first with the flour bombs in free flight, you can't.

And second with more then one player in free flight you also Can't.

Flour bombs only on the mission and more than one player is only in multiplayer.

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ok but when i go to misc in the the addons for fsx it sais there is a dropable 500 lb i just cant figure out how to drop it.

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Well I didn't think you could drop flour bombs in free flight either but if its an add on that you have then it could possible be ctrl+d (whatever it is in the mission)
And why would you need 2 players in free flight to refuel a plane?
There are refuelling stations at most airports (if not all). There should be instructions within fsx help/learning center section.


Hit this link, ( download the file, and follow the instructions in the readme file. However, instead of inserting one of the stated file names, type flour_bomb. Shift d is your trigger. But there is a lot of cool stuff you can do with the flour bombs. ( Hit this link and follow the instructions in the readme for replacing the regular effect with the mk-82 effect.

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