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Having started using FSX and the concomitant add-ons, I have 2 problems with the program.
1.) First of all, whenever you start a new flight, wherever and however, you always start on a runway! What's up with this? Can't the designers of FSX start you out with a cold, dead engine at the gate? The way a real plane does? Or is it asking too much of them? I know that the ACES team has been disbanded, but now that that has happened can we the 'sim' community find a way around this glaring mistake?
2) The second problem that really gripes my cookies, is this, we have to take off and land helo's like airplanes. Again, what's up with that? Didn't the designers of FSX know that helo's are not airplanes and can take off and land from just about anywhere? In the missions, they have you taking off from a designated helipad at the airport, landing on top of a building and going to another airports helipad. Why could they not do this in 'free flight?'
Sorry for the gripes session but I need to get input on these troubling features of FSX and wish someone with some knowledge of the program may be able to help me overcome this problem.

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You know that you can change where you start?
Select the airport you want, and then click the "Choose Runway/Starting Position" dropdown box. and then any of the options really.
Engines for some reason on all of my flights start with no fuel and therefore off - I'm pretty sure is a bug though.
And as for helicopters you can land anywhere that is flat, so long as you don't crash into anything - I've landed on ferries and buildings before.

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Like mb- said, you can pick a starting location when you start free flight, with gates and cargo ramps being available options.

To get a cold and dark airplane there's a bit of a hack-- Make a save file of say the default cessna, completely powered down. (I.E. Cold and dark.) Then save the flight as the default flight. From then on whenever you start a free flight you should be cold and dark.

Not exactly sure what your gripe about helicopters is... As mentioned before, you can pick a starting location (Helipads are available as well iirc), and you can land anywhere a helicopter could realistically land plus many places where one couldn't. Are you complaining about the default ATC in this respect?

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