low fps

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hey guys, i have a big problems with fps. i got about 10-15 fps on low/medium low settings. my computer is:
phenom X4 940 3ghz
4gb ram
ati radeon 4870 gddr5
640gb hard drive.

I guess, i could run fsx on this computer with medium or medium-high settings without any fps dropping all the time. i have installed sp1 and sp2 but doesnt help. My installed addons are fspassengerx and mytrafficx. any suggestion or ist good computer for fsx?
thanks for help

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) First Officer

Try turning down your AI traffic. That takes up a lot of cpu, thus dropping FPS.

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You might also want to install the texture conversion software, it takes all of the FSX textures and makes them smaller and this helps FSX to load them quicker, I went from 20-25FPS to 30-40!

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ok i reinstalled fsx, unistall was succesfull, install and actiavtion also, then i wanted to install SP1 and i got this error

does anyone know how to fix that? i tried with cleaning register but didnt help

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