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My rig is an intel Q8400
4870 graphics card
650gig samsung hddf or o/s and terrabyte hdd for fsx on an Asrock N7Ad with a 750 watt power suppy.
with payware addons becomming bigger all the time i.e vfr germany with all 4 parts installed amounts to 60 gig add in a few mega airports,I have as well Melbourne by FTx thats 650 mb.
to this add Pmdg 747-400 and Md 11 add a few textures to each and there almost a gig each,by the time you add a few more aircraft ie fokker70/100 ,C-130,ATR 72-500 ,super 80 pro and a few airbuses and you are around 125 gig
with a few attractive addons to come and I can see that I will approach about 250 gig.
I would be intrsted to learn what the average size of Fsx is with all your downloads and also whether you opperate 32bit or 64 bit and what your impressions are of windows 7 O/S

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