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New PC for FSX

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I am looking to upgrade my PC to run FSX better and quicker. I am currently using FS2004 with about 250 WOAI airline packages, and a couple of freeware add on aircraft (scenery and what not is on sparse). I set the FPS at 19. But currently at the bigger airports i.e Paris CDG, Frankfurt, LHR, I am only getting about 5 FPS. I am using a built Evesham PC (Windows XP) with 4gb of RAM, 250gb of memory Hard drive, a Nvidia GE Force 8500 GT, and the PC is a Intel 4 pentium.

What I would like to know (if anyone can help!), is that if I upgrade to FSX with all of the add on airlines from WOAI that I currently have, and the freeware aircraft, with the below spec PC, would I still get around 19-25 FPS at the bigger airports and not have any 'dipping' in performance. I would obviously not be setting the scenery and special effects to max, just enough to make it a little realistic. The system I am looking at is:

Fujitsu Amilio: Intel Quad Core Q8200 (2.33mhz), 4gb DDR2 RAM, 1tb SATA (Hard Drive), Nvidia GEForce GT120 (1gb), with Windows Vista.

Also is there much difference between a Intel Quad Core, Intel Pentium Dual Core or AMD Phenom II Dual Core?

Looking forward to any advice on the above.

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