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Agusta 109a

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In the Agusta 109a, the following gauges are not available with the download, the altimeter!
Where can we get the right size altimeter for the download? Some of us old guys and gals cannot read the smaller gauges and are at a loss to fly these smaller gauged helo's and planes.
Any help in reconfiguring the gauges and other requirements would be extremely helpful, so as to enhance our experience in FSX.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

If it's not a VC cockpit you can switch panels with a comparable aircraft but as a stand alone gauge you would have to build one.
GPS is the only add on that I can think of at this time.

Check and see if this is for FSX.


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Nelson Robison (photoshock) Trainee

RadarMan, this is definitely for FSX. They are now supporting FSX platform and it is reasonably priced and can be worked with in minutes.
Thanks loads for the suggestion, this will definitely enhance my use of FSX.

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