Where did the water go?!!!!

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So im flying my sea plane and when i land or i get ready to take off, the water doesn't splash and trail around or behind the plane...the rooster tail from the floats will start to splash upon loading but then it just goes away and its smooth as silk on the water...anyone???

Im running X just decided to do it after i tried the copy and paste of the DX10 in windows XP system 32 folder...i took it out but it still is acting IDK???

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No way of knowing what DX10 did either to the Sim or to the OS (XP).
Personally I would just reinstall the Sim, clean it out according to MS cleanup and hope that XP isn't screwed up.
If it is, the OS takes 45 minutes to reinstall (clean) after backing up what you want.

Fooling with betas or non authorized applications (DX10) is always risky.


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So I see...
Thank you

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