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Newbee question about F-16

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Hi I've downloaded and installed the F-16 With the capable help and assistance of RadarMan.

I've never flown an aircraft with the speed that these fighters have, and I'm wondering if there is something that I'm missing. I'm more used to flying propeller aircraft, and have recently installed a few jets to see what I'm missing. Enjoying the heck out of it by the way.

The airspeed, assuming that I'm reading it correctly, doesn't appear to go higher than a little over 700. I'm reading it off the headsup display on the left side. In reading about the F-16, it should have a top speed of over 1500. Is there something that I should be doing differently? Some key that I haven't pushed correctly? Some dial I'm not reading correctly?

If this seems like a question from a complete amateur, well -- you're not that far off. I'm very definately a computer person, but a Flight sim newcomer. Embarassed Thanks

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Hongming Zheng (jianqing) First Officer

Maybe because it was IAS, the airliners always have IAS(indicated airspeed), fighters and props also IAS i think. So maybe when it shows your going 700, you may be really going 1000. You can find out your true speed by looking at the mach!
Mach 2.0 is about 1400 or 1500kts.
Another way of finding out your true speed is to look at the GPS for your ground speed Yes

Another reason you cannot go real fast may be that you were flying low.

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