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As you all know, I am somewhat computer literate, yet I am at a loss as to get the Zambian Flying Doctor Service and the Prinair DeHavilland Heron 114 installed. Some of the other problems I seem to be having are when installing the plane, plane works fine but no sound.
Have I done something wrong when installing the packs? I am able to get most of the add-ons downloaded and installed with no problems, yet there are a few that seem to stump me and I am frustrated with the whole process.
If anyone out there has any suggestions, they are entirely welcome and I do accept private messages or messages posted on the forum. The reason for this is, I want to learn and grow in my use of FSX and learning the flight Sim world. Thank everyone in advance for their suggestions and hopefully the end result will be to everyone's satisfaction.

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Some planes downloaded simply don't have sound when they are made for Flight Simulator. Many freeware planes don't have sound(and many do). I think You can see does the plane have sound or not by going inside the plane's folder and see if there is a sound folder in it!!!!!

You can also add sound to the aircraft!!!!(i think).

So maybe you aren't hearing sound simply because the plane, when it is made for Flight Simulator they didn't make the sound! Yes

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Jiangqing, I am still at a loss as to how to get the PrinAir DeHavilland Herons and the Zambian Flying Doctor Service to work. My computer is definitely up to date with Quad-Core Processor and stand alone 512 meg. Video card.
Yet whatever I do does not seem to work, with the ZFDS, nothing happens, and with the PrinAir add-on I get the planes but no gauges or sound.
To date, this is my sixth re-install of FSX Deluxe and Acceleration Pack. Help me, its driving me crazy, I am now purchasing Gold and seeing if this helps.
MS is so obtuse in their instructions and the only help I have gotten is from the flight sim community.
Thanks so much for any help.

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The only Zambian Flying Doctor Service packages I've found are AI packages which explains why they don't contain a panel and hence no gauges. The sounds are aliased to the beech_baron_58...

I don't install files by "Unknown" authors so I'm just looking at the contents of the .zip file. This is an excerpt of the ReadMe in case you've missed it:


Just drop the "Airplanes" Folder into the FSX Simobjects folder and Traffic BGL[ in the flightplans folder ] into the addon scenery / scenery folder.

Go to Ndola airport, zambia, you should see the AI Islanders on the apron next to the control Tower

Flightplans created using AI SIMPLE found at

The PrinAir DeHavilland Heron is flyable and installation is simple. In absence of information as to where you obtained the file and/or filename I assume you got from the Flyaway library. In that case, you just have to make sure that you place the "De Havilland Heron 114 Prinair 1" folder into your sim and NOT the "PRINAIR" folder.

The "De Havilland Heron 114 Prinair 1" folder contains everything needed including its own sound pack.
The reason why you're not seeing any gauges is because they're in a separate .zip folder inside the panel folder. I think you know what to do with those.

Hopefully this will dispel some of the mystery 😀

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Thanks Tailhook, this does dispel the mystery why I could not get the ZDFS to work, as for the PrinAir DeHavilland Herons, that's the ticket.
Once I get the sim up and running again I will work the work for the PrinAir File and get it flying.
Sometimes the files just stump me and that's why I'm glad there's others out there who have experienced the same problems I have or who know how to get around the difficulties that I experience.
Again, thanks to all who help in the flight sim community and Good Flying to all.

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