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So I love FSX and I need a good computer that isn't crazy expensive like all the prebuilt gaming systems! I have 2 saitek rudder pedals, 2 saitek yokes, 2 saitek throttle quadrants, and the saitek switch panel, radio stack, and multi function panel. I also have 2 saitek flight headsets. My brother and I both play on the same computer as pilot and co pilot. we have usb huds for extra usb spaces so we can hook up all the gear. I need to know if theres a good enough computer to run FSX smoothly with all of this gear and hook up dual monitors. I don't want it to be crazy expensive because all of the saitek gear and the monitors (2 dell 1080 monitors) costed quite a bit already. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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damn! you got yourself a set up. Are those all listed on Saitek website? I have the x52 controls but could not find much else on there.

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yeah its on the saitek website! under flight. its all the pro flight gear!

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Yes, an Intel i7 with a 64bit system so it can handle more than 4 gigs ram will run it.
Because of all the USB items (and monitors on that card) you will need a very powerful power supply, a major brand not some cheap junk.

What you get depends on what you want to spend.


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