Wing Views on IFDG Airbus A320

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Does anyone know how to get the wing views? This is the only view i have...

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Open up the panel in the Airbus you want to add the views to

Add a line to the Windows titles set (directly under the last entry)Window0x=Views

Note the number (0x) must be the next in sequence,so 04 or 05 whatever

Next scroll down to the last [Windows0x] and under the last entry of that section press enter twice(the curser move down 2 places) now add this(copy and paste) and change the 0x to the same number as above

VIEW_RIGHT_EYE=1.0, 0.0, -23.0
VIEW_RIGHT_DIR=10.0, 0.0, 70.0

VIEW_LEFT_EYE=1.0, 0.0, -23.0
VIEW_LEFT_DIR=10.0, 0.0, 290.0

Close and save the changes,
Job done 👍

If you go to Avsim and search wing views you will come up with dozens and most will give a slightly different view

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