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Hi Everyone!

I have yet to take a flight longer then 3 hours, and I was thinking of doing it tomorrow. I was just wondering what all of you do during those 4+ hour flights when the autopilot has control?

Thank You!

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

i perfer longer flights to shorthaul, i sometimes do a long flight (ie: London > Vegas) before i go to sleep, so sometimes set it up for 11pm, then when i wake up at around 7am i should be close.

I did do a flight once where i went from heathrow to Dubai which is around a 6 hour flight, i watched all tones of tv programes & movies i had recorded and not watched.

My long flights normally happen on a Sunday because i got no work Sunday & Monday 🙂

Let me know how your flight goes, post pics if you can 🙂

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RichT First Officer

You could always increase the simulator rate, that way you can adjust it to fit around you.

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