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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

Yeah, this has everything to do about vengence.

This is out of my character to post like this but I think it due time that we all need to perform a "self check" when it comes to allowing members to become moderators or administrators.

Sorry Radarman, for this is somewhat of a double post. Embarassed

If you all can refer to my topic in General Chat, it explains in great detail on how I got banned from Avsim for spamming with only 1 post count.


And it didn't pertain to spamming.

To make a long story short, I sent a message to one of their "respected" admins to give him my opinion of a certain product and my reaction to the break up of two reputable companies. When I get home from work I find this reply:


You have been banned from the AVSIM Forums for spamming our system. Please do not visit again; you are not welcome.

__________ Information from ESET Smart Security, version of virus signature database 4680 (20091211) __________

The message was checked by ESET Smart Security.

So this is how Avsim treats customers who donate money, time and uploads to their site, even after some asshat ran off with their entire database...

What is more upsetting to me is that I am getting angrier over how this all went down, without no warnings, explanations nor their point of view. And Its been over an hour and a half since I sent an e-mail, inquiring why was I banned and my discontent for them not giving a proper explanation to why.... One post doesn't equal spamming, so they should box that lie up and drop it the deepest part of the ocean.

I am so pissed now, that I am going to grab my Ariane 737-800 and going to fly it until the tanks run dry.

And then I am going to press CTRL+X and fly it till it runs out again.

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain


Happend to log off and check in as a guest:

They deleted the only post I had on there!!!

Now I am pissed..... Evil or Very Mad

This is the administrators doing... not some schmuck moderator!!!

Now, I hope someone goes and set their entire database on fire!!!!

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) First Officer

While this sounds very unfair, and I agree with you, I'd like to hear AVSIM's side of this.

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

I am keeping my Outlook open for any response Raz, although I doubt I'll receive one from them.

Just to think that they wanted a representitve from Ariane to answer their questions (and he hasn't), and won't ban him, then boot me for being honest just make me want to choke something.... maybe somebody.

Make me wish I was a supergeek: I'll track down where they live and spraypaint clown faces over thier cars...... Twisted Evil

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain


After taking most of my frustrations out on CODMW2, (and the reasoning of a few members here) I checked my Outlook and noticed that I got a response from Avsim:

I received your message inquiring about why you were banned from the AVSIM forums. I responded to your message shortly after you sent it and I investigated the problem. Perhaps the e-mail account you have on file here at AVSIM is no longer correct? I believe it was an address.

Regardless, I apologized for the inconvenience. Your account was deleted by me on accident. I was in the process of clearing the spammers out of the forums, and your name happened to fall right in between two spammers. It was an error on my part, which I fixed as fast as I could, then I reinstated your account. I was unaware that the forum system automatically sends the message you recieved regarding spamming. That is an automated message given to anyone who we delete as a spammer, it was not written by me.

Contrary to what I have now come to discover at the forums you posted in (flyaway simulation,, etc), this was nothing more than an accident on my part. It has nothing to do with an opinion about Ariane or Mcphat. In case you haven't noticed, we have countless posts in this forum both praising and criticising Ariane and Mcphat, so the accusation that your banning had anything to do with an opinion is very misguided. It was an accident and nothing more. It's very unfortunate that my reply to you was not received (for whatever reason) because it could have prevented those unecessary posts you made.

Your account is active here at AVSIM, and I again apologize for this accident, though in the future ask that you give me a little more time to investigate before bashing AVSIM elsewhere and leaving incorrect information.

So I jumped in Avsim, posted in a thread, collected my thoughts for a moment and replied:

I still utilize that address ( Feel free to send correspondance to that address whenever something important arises.

Now, about the ban:

You can't began phantom on how shocked I was whe I arrive home to find my account has been banned for spamming; especially after messaging a administrator the night prior with a comment to a closed thread.

Try to picture getting banned just after giving props to a product from a supplier that everyone can't help but to think that this was the results.

Now, I did wait (not patiently mind you) after I sent the e-mail but anger got the better of me and I decided to retaliate ahead of any reciprocation from your staff.

Pardon me, but I am a Soldier, and I have a bad habit of anticipating others actions before they make their move. Good to have this frame of mind in this line of work.

So in light of this embarrassement between your site and myself, I suggest that you should send a complimentary reminder to all members check into their accounts from time to time to prevent such actions, such as banning members and suspending their accounts. Flight Sim Nation practices this format and they pretty much keep me checking in to be prevented from getting banned and kicked.

Again, if I haddn't said so, thank you for addressing this matter and making the necessary corrections.

SGT Jacobs, RE
2/1 AR

So.... This is done, finished, kaput.

Although that I am glad that we got things straightened out, there is one problem that I now have to address:

How the hell am I am I going to get my kill/death streak back up on CODMW2? The last 4 hours were brutal.

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Avsim forums and file library have been one of the most constructive places for a flight simmer. Work it out but no, Avsim should not be banned, it is an incredible site and the forums have been extremely helpful.

Glad you worked it out.

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