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Hi everyone,
I have been away from this forum for quite a while! But after finding out that my Aunt is taking flying lessons I've started using the sim again. Hopefully I'll get a chance to have a flight with her instructor soon and there's also a possibility I'll be able to take some lessons so that I can copilot for her 😀.

Here are the questions:
Could anyone link me to a topic on some good GA aircraft? I have the FSInsider 152 which is really nice, currently my favourite actually. Are there any fixed wing microlights available (freeware or payware) such as a skyranger or an icarus?

With the FSInsider 152 I've been having an issue - decided to go for a flight from Elstree in 'Winter Wonderland' setting to match the snow outside, but each time I climb to 2000 feet and level out the engine cuts. I have no idea why. The prop doesn't actually stop, but loses all power. It can be restarted after landing in a field. Is this something to do with the weather setting? Altitude?

Thanks for the help!

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Carenado is the best GA aircraft maker for FS by far:

Some awesome planes i love to fly on a sunny day.

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The AMP 20(maybe spelled wrong) from this site(in the flyaway FS2004 porp plane) is fun to fly, hopefully, it works for fsx(I use Fs2004)

The Culver(maybe spelled worng) Cadet is a very cool plane too!

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The AMP 20 works nicely apart from the virtual cockpit, thanks for the recommendation.

Carendo can go either way - lots of people sing their praises, but I bought a beech something or other from there once and remember it being medioka. Does anyone know if their 152 is particularly better than the free FSInsider one?

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