would this be a defective plane

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I downloaded a plane with a virtual cockpit, (came with the package) but in the virtual cockpit, non of the gauges work, and everything is very...umm.....whats the word im looking for......choppy, I think. Is this a defective plane. PLEASE advise.

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😎 Aloha CS9, If the plane flies well and lands well its not defective, the designer may be doing his First VC and hasn't got into the gauges yet. As for the "choppy look", its because when transfering the model to VC the first time you notice that up close the design is not as forgiving as when you view from the outside. ( I had the same problem on my first couple of VC) Hope this explains the problem you are having. It takes time to completely understand the process of making a VC. Ric

crosscheck9 Guest

I just downloaded two more a340's to see if their VC panels worked, but still, no luck. I have all the gauges, but none of them work. BTW, these are from POSKY, so there shouldnt be a problem. I went to their forums to see if i could find anything, but i couldnt. PLEASE ADVISE. Im dying to fly this plane. Thank you

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When you downloaded from POSKY site did you also download what's in the Base Packages file. In there is the VC gauges.

Hope this helps

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No, but I dont exactly know where to find something like that. Can anyone give me a link?

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wait wait wait....i found the link. you dont need to post it. ill download it in a little while and tell you how everything goes. You guys are awesome. Thanks alot.

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crosscheck9 Guest

Can you please give me detailed instructions on how to install this specific file because I tried following the readme, and, i ended up with the 2D cockpit in the regular cockpit view, and in the virtual cockpit view, I lost all my gauges. PLEASE HELP

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I've just tried it myself...this is what I did

I picked the A340-300 Khalifa

Downloaded and unzipped into a new folder on my desktop.
Placed the A340 file into my FS9/Aircraft folder.

Downloaded and unzipped the Base Package into the same new folder.
Follow the Read Me.
Open the a340fs9 file.
In there there are 3 folders.
Next, right click on Start hit explore and navigate to FS9 folder.
Move the A340_pr folder to FS9 Gauges folder.
Find the POSKY A340 Khalifa folder in FS9/Aircraft and open.
Move the Panel folder to the Panel.VC folder within, in this case, the POSKY A340 Khalifa folder.
Then back in the a340fs9 open the 3rd folder (Gauges) select all and move to the Gauges folder in FS9/Gauges.
Close all folders and start FS9.

It worked for me. Tell us how you go on.

If you have any more probs give us a shout

crosscheck9 Guest

I did exactly what you said but it didnt work. AHHHH...This is getting frustrating, but thats not to say that I dont appreciate all of your help. U may have done something wrong, and is you may, please clarify the following:

When you say to move the A340_pr folder to the gauges, do you mean its contents, or just the whole folder...and...

When you said to move the panel folder to the Panel.VC folder, I did, but did you mean the whole folder, or just its contents, but that brings up one more question. I was trying this again in an Air France A340, but the Panel.VC folder already had the same contents as that of the base pack's folder. If you could please clarify the uncertanties above, I will be very grateful. Thank you all for your help, and thank you sylvan for any trouble I put you through.....HAPPY FLYING!!!

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It's probably better to start again if something went wrong with installation.

See if I can make it a bit clearer....Move the whole A340_pr folder to gauges. Move the contents of the Panel folder to Panel.VC.

Once you've done that open up and have a look inside your downloaded aircraft folders.

You should have the following

and readme files

Make sure that inside the panel.VC folder is the following


Make sure you have within the model.VC a .mdl and .cfg file ONLY.

When you go back into FS where in your Aircraft list does your A340 come? Does it come under Project Opensky or Airbus. Mine comes under Airbus NOT Project Opensky. You should have two entries for the aircraft. Pick virtual cockpit.

See if that works

crosscheck9 Guest

I have done just what you said, but i think I need to point something out. Before installing the base package, I did have the gauges in the VC, but they just didnt work. Now, i dont even have the gauges. I have done everything you said. I think it would be better if I erase all of my a340 trials, and start again, because this way, I'll save some memory. I'll wait for your response.

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Yes it's best to start again and follow above.

I was flying the A340 this morning without any problems apart from a FPS hit.

Stick with'll get there

crosscheck9 Guest

lol, thanks a lot. I just uninstalled the sim, and I'm gonna start from scrach. I'll let you know how I come along. thanks

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hi again,
I did the same thing again but still not luck but hold on, let me just explain to you exactly what happened.....

1. I inserted my a340 aircraft into the Panels folder of FS9

2. I opened the gauges folder, and put in the folder a340_pr, (not its contents, but the whole folder was copied and pasted.

3. I opened the gauges folder, and inserted all of its CONTENTS, into the main gauges folder.

4. I opened the Panel.VC in my a340's folder, and copied the CONTENTS of the folder named Panel, (from the base package), and put them in....


When I opened Flight Simulator, I selected my a340 Virtual Cockpit version, but what happened was it was just like the wing view version, and when I changed views to virtual cockpit, all the gauges dissapeared.


crosscheck9 Guest


I just downloaded another plane with a VC cockpit, and I followed the readme and guess didnt work. Now unless I'm doing something obviously wrong, the computer is messed up. What do you guys think

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You uninstalled the sim??

The a340 aircraft does not go into the Panels folder it goes in the Aircraft folder (FS9/Aircraft)

Try that and let us know

crosscheck9 Guest

ya...i know, i put the a340 Emirates airlines download into the aircrafts folder and did what you said. Still, no luck.

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Crosscheck.....sorry for not getting back to you for a while, been working very very hard recently Liar

Radarman, TTT, GPS......can anyone see what might be going wrong with Crosschecks' installation

Thanks in advance guys/girls.

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😕 If you are using Win XP,make sure not to copy the gauges in to fs,move them there

One other thing is this a typing error ➡

1. I inserted my a340 aircraft into the Panels folder of FS9

crosscheck9 Guest

yes, sorry, it is a typing error, I meant to say that i inserted the panels folder into my a340 aircrafts folder. lol, thanks for pointing that out

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