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I was doing a few flights from San Francisco to London or Manchester a few days ago using FSpassengers(sorry i am not posting the complete report):

Number 1?
Aircraft: Camsim 787-8
SFO to Heathrow, a very nice landing(39fpm at touchdown, best yet)

Number 2??
Aircraft: POSKY 767
SFO to Manchester, a bad landing, ahh!

Another one...
Aircraft: POSKY 777
SFO to London Heathrow, The frame rates were already bad but at landing the computer froze, i didn't want to do a hard shutdown on computer cause 12hrs will be wasted, anyway it recovered and i did a nice landing

Another one...
Aircraft: POSKY 777
SFO to Manchester, the whole flight good

I may do another one, 🙄

I like the POSKY 777(frame rates=AHHHHh!!!!!!!)

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