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I have talked to someone who said u can get downloads for fs2004 such as harry potters broom, santa's sleigh, Jeeps to drive around in ect. does anyone know where i get get these from t/y for ur help

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I haven't seen a broom yet but some of these will work in 2004. Especially the one's made with GMAX.


I am also on the search for funny stuff. Try for the broomstick and busses etc. Search for cars, boats, aircraft carriers etc.


CommodoreSirJohn wrote:

There's an old Willys jeep that comes with the Classic Swift package. It's actually rather fun to drive around, once you get used to it...

And yes, there is Harry Potter's broom (though the pilot model needs to be redone something awful) which uses the C172 flight model, and there's santa bringing home a Christmas tree on a dogsled out there, but its flight model is horrible and it's a WIP...

Now if I could only get the Ekranoplan to work in FS9 (the ones I have shut FS9 down as soon as you hit the "Fly Now" button)...

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😎 You could try as they have a great assortment from rootbeer cans, to blimps. Ric

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The place for wierd flying things - even a Harry Potter broom, is -

and here is a flying broom for radarman - and it flies well with a piper engine sound. Has several adventure flights and is free. All for FS2004

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