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1. I've been flying FSX for about a month now & was looking to improve on the scenery. My problem is that I'm seeing a lot of freeware stuff out there & I just don't know what is worth downloading & installing. So I was wondering if anybody could recommend some excellent add-on mesh for me based on actual usage. It can be for anywhere because I fly everywhere.

2. Which is the best way of installing these mesh add-ons? The FSX instructions recommend I create a separate folder for each add-on in the scenery add-on folder for better management.

3. Activating the mesh/scenery.........If I'm putting mesh folders directly into the /Addon Scenery folder, do I still need to activate? Shouldn't the new mesh generate automatically as part of the "Addon Scenery" listed in the scenery library? If I do have to activate the mesh as a separate item, will I also have to adjust its position on the list or will FSX do that for me automatically?

4. I was also wondering if overlapping add-on mesh's can interfere with one another? For example: what happens if I have two different mesh's installed for two different regions but at some point they overlap each other.

Whew! That's a lot of questions. So thanks for any & all help you can provide

I freak'in love this sim 😳

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