irratic controls in multiplayer mode

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I had raised a concern earlier when in multiplayer mode, my controls will act like someone is trying to operate them. The person I shared my aircraft with, says he does not touch the controls and our using shift T I do have contol of the aircraft. I move control of the aircraft to him and all works well, but when control is given to me, that is when the trouble begins. My engine will just quit, or my flaps will start moving. In flight, my aircraft pitches up then down. This is all done intermittantly. He always hosts the session, as, for some reason, I cannot. I have a Athlon 64x2 dual core processor at 3ghtz, 4gb of ram, Nvidia 8800GT alpha dog video card. And I have CH Products flightsim yoke and pro pedals. By the way, in free flight, my aircraft performs perfectly. Since I am using this sim for flight training, and my partner is a flight instructor, I am desperate to get this problem solved. I really need your expertise and I am sure I am not the only person with these types of symptoms with Multiplayer. Thanks, guys.

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I had the same problem.Wall Bashing
My 747 pitched up the entire flight, and the throttles wouldn't work. I did have control of the plane, my copilot pressed Shift T, I accepted, and he flew it fine!
When I took cortrol again, the engines caught FIRE! I don't get it...
I have never shared another plane. lol

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Hello CaptainMan117. Since I made that post last year, I have changed my controls to the Saitek ProFlight yoke, Rudder pedals, etc. I still seem to have the problem occassionally in multiplayer mode, but it works fine when I fly off line. I often wonder if the problem lies with my slow 1.5ghtz upload time. As before, my partner in the shared cockpit has no problems when I turn over the controls to him...this has really got me baffled. 🙄 I wish you better luck in finding the cause and please let me know if you are successful. Thanks.

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Sounds like your friend is having fun with you at your expense...

If they work fine if no one else is sharing, but do not work fine when that person is sharing, yet they swear up and down they are not doing anything... someone is lying.

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