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this is why i like fspassengers

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Hongming Zheng (jianqing) First Officer

okk, this flight is for my promotion to Master ATP captain(i didn't know the rank name at the time), i thought i maybe have to do 2 cause i needed like 300 more points, so i set out from ksfo to kfat, okkk a was FL205 and 60nm away time to start landing, wait a min...engine unbalance? okk now balanced.... wait unbalance again, nothing i am doing bad, Mayday Mayday we have a serious problem aboard. ding dong, ladies and gentlemen we have encountered a problem aboard the aircraft the captain well be performing a em.......[sound of right engine flame out], i looked quickly and planned to land at castle airport, over 10,000ft long rwy, and this is what i wished for......

Flight ID: RM670
Pilot: Hongming Zheng
Company: World Travel
Aircraft: FFX 732 National Airlines
Flight Date: January 10 2010
Departure: 11h10 (19h10 GMT)
Arrival: 11h34 (19h35 GMT)
From: KSFO - San Francisco Intl - Usa
To: KMER - Castle - Usa
Nbr of Passengers: 120

Incident Report:

one engine sustained some damage shortly after take-off due to a bird strike. The oil temperature started to increase gradually eventually leading to engine power loss and complete shutdown. There was an exceptional pilot on board and despite the dire situation he was able to land the aircraft safely. The Captain has also declared an emergency before landing.


Flight Distance: 87 Nm Landing Speed: 138.91 kt
Time Airborne: 00h19:57 Landing Touchdown: -286.92 ft/m (nice)
Flight Time (block): 00h24:56 Landing Pitch: 4.88
Time On Ground: 00h05:29 Landing Weight: 112579 lbs
Average Speed: 263.15 kt Total Fuel Used: 2371 lbs
Max. Altitude: FL 200 Fuel Not Used: 7006 lbs
Climb Time: 00h07:30 Climb Fuel Used: 1748 lbs
Cruise Time: 00h10:01 Cruise Fuel Used: 594 lbs
Average Cruise Speed: 326.42 kt (M0.51) Cruise fuel/hour: 3561 lbs (calc)
Descent Time: 00h02:26 Descent Fuel Used: 28 lbs

Passenger Opinion: Exceptional flight (100%)
-Were in a better mood because they had food.
-Were very anxious because of the problem during flight.
-Were relieved to land safely after an emergency.

Financial Report:

Ticket Income: +$5,837 (87 Nm)
Cargo Income: +$0 (0 lbs)
Services Income: +$0 (0 sandwich 0 hot food 0 drink)
Services Cost: -$0 (20% quality)
Emergency Bonus: +$1,125 (600 failure point)
Fuel Cost: -$862 (2371 lbs Jet-A1)
Airport Taxes: -$161 (Large Aircraft)
Insurance Costs: -$698 (11.96% rate)
Total Real Income: $5,241
Total Income: $262,050 (real x50)
Fleet Bonus: $312,331 (17 aircraft)
Total Sim Income: $574,381 (total income+fleet bonus)

Company Reputation:

Considering that the flight was perfect,the tickets price low,and there was no service aboard,passengers on this flight think that your company's reputation should be 100%
Your company reputation is now: 99% (+0.03 increase)

Overall Flight Result: Perfect

Pilot Bonus points: 800 points
You made a very nice landing. (+50)
There was a problem aboard and you declared an emergency. (+150)
A serious problem occurred during flight but you landed safely, nice job. (+600)

Pro Member Captain
Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain


I am still baffled by one of my fuel tanks leaking.... took off from VHHH (Hong Kong Intl.) To Taipei, Taiwan.

Not to mention flying nearly 90 miles off course due to a FMC program error... The 737-900s can sip fuel like a V6.... 😀

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