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I recently got an email inviting me to buy the latest Flight Sim Product called 'Flight Sim Pro' for around $48 US. It claims to be the best thing since sliced bread. I have my doubts that anything could come close to either FS9 or FSX.
Anyone heard of this product?

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'Flight Sim Pro'


'Flight Pro Sim' ❓

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flight pro sim

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"Flight Pro Sim" is a re-branded version of FlightGear... which of course is open source, so they are "allowed" to do this.

You can get FlightGear for free, and probably a later version than that of the rebranded version.

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Perhaps I should have been more specific. I have obviously had a look at the site. I was simply looking for opinion about the product.

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As a dedicated simmer, and a person without loads of money to spare, Flight Pro Sim is not the way to go.
The $48.00 US that you spend only gives you a small area around San Fransisco California, to get the whole package you have to pay somewhere in the neighbourhood of $174.00 US to get the whole scenery package.
In the world of us poor folk, that is way too much to spend for something that you have with FS 2004, A Century of Flight and FSX. Granted the scenery files are not that exquisite but they are there and they can be added to as files and scenery files are built for them. Getting the complete package for Flight Pro Sim, is utter nonsense unless you have the money to spare and who does nowadays.
By the way, Photoshock (me) was on the FSX forums for a long time, but I have come to the conclusion that FSX and the concomitant building up of my computer to have enough resources for the resource Hog, FSX was too expensive and way too much in the resource department. So I have joined the ranks of simmers in FS 2004 for many and obvious reasons.
You'll see me posting on this part of the forum on a regular basis and in the add-on's also. Thanks so much in advance for the help and the welcome. The person who helped shape this decision was Tailhook and whomever that is, is to be commended for the advice and help they gave.

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