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A319 series: how do I fly a non precision approach?

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Hi all:

I've recently started using PSS's A319 (FS9, XP Pro). Without a flightplan in the MCDU, I can do an ILS approach with no problem.

But how do I set up a VOR-DME approach (or even a LOC-B)? I've tried entering the VOR freq and inbound course on the RADIO NAV page, then using the APP or LOC button, but the A/P won't capture the radial. Or is the only answer to handfly it or to treat it as an RNAV app? Help appreciated.

George [EGKA]

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You set LOC freq in Nav 1 radio active and front coarse in Nav 1 radio inactive. You do not set freq/coarse in Nav Rad Pg. You then set VS on panel (perfered) or set it with side stick. You do this when you see 1 red and 3 white so that you are descending at 800-900fpm by the time you get 2 red showing. Adjust VS to keep 2 red and 2 white on VASI or PAPI. At DH turn off autopilot and maintain glide. Flare and retard throttles is all that is left. You can use auto throttle all the way down.

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