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Hi Everyone,

Sorry to say that for now I am giving up on FSX. I don't have the resources to make the necessary changes in my computer system to account for the 'resource Hog' FSX. It will take more money than this poor boy can come up with to change the RAM and the Video Card to something that will handle FSX.
So it's 'back to the future,' yes I am purchasing a copy of FS 2004, A Century of Flight!
It seems such a waste to have invested all this money in FSX and not to have it live up to my expectations, yet I cannot justify to myself the expense of new RAM and Video Card for the sake of one game. With 2GIGS of RAM and a 512MEG stand alone Video Card, which is separate from the motherboard, I still cannot get the game to not give me 'A Fatal Error has occurred' message every time I try to load a free flight into my computer.
I have had crash after crash, the last time after my computer crashed it cost me $50.00 US I did not have to get Windows XP loaded back onto my computer so complete was the devastation that I lost things I had been saving for 3 years. I am heartsick at the thought that FSX did not live up to its potential, being able to talk to ATC with your own voice, the graphics are always having to be turned down to the point that it is not worth it to look at the scenery, and most of all the frustration of spending hundreds of dollars to get the games and not have them work.
FS 2004, here I come. Tailhook you were right to suggest that I get a new copy of 2004. Come Feb 1, Amazon and EBay here I come, anyone looking to trade for a copy of FSX or FSX with Acceleration or FSX Gold Edition, please do not hesitate to private message me and I will be glad to arrange a swap with you.
To everyone at the FSX Forums, I deeply regret this decision but cannot anymore stand the non-use of my Flight Sim. I want to fly, even if its 'back to the future.' Without doubt this has been the most frustrating experience I have had next to using Windows Vista, but wait folks Windows 7 is as unstable a platform as Vista and in some ways worse.
So hang onto your hats it's going to be a bumpy ride for a while with Windows OS. They have not worked out all the bugs in Windows 7 and are again rushing another product out to meet the demands of a public that cannot be satisfied without the latest and greatest.

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