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PMDG 747: A Few Problems

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I have recintly purchased the PMDG 747. It is a fantastic airplane with specacular graphics and avionics. I do have a few problems that I am hopeing someone can help with. I will thank you all in advanced and even if you don't have this fantastic addon please give me any advice you can. Any links to othor websites would be highly appriceated.

-How do you turn on the dome light? After the battey switch is on and NAV/PANEL/STROBE/LOGO and all othor lights are on it still wont come on. There are a few nobs that talk about the panel and dome lights that clearly are ment to work but they will now move for me.

-Dose anyone have a link to a good tutorial on how to use the FMC? I have brief knowlage on how to use it, but it's still ever so confusing.

-For the flights that I do not want the transponder, and I want to use the GPS why wont it let me? I respect that the transponder is the correct thing to use but I would just like to do a simple GPS flight do get used the new systems that don't involve this new system.

-How do I get the regular autopiolot to work? When aver I click the auto piolot master switch it will not let me turn it on. It wll only let me turn the flight directorty switch on and the autothrottle swtich on. It will not let me change my vertical spped. The heading can not be swithched either. Only the altitude. But it dose not matter. Even the things i can change will not work due to not being able to turn on the APU switch.

-Why won't it let me turn on the APU generator or the battery?

-Why dose it hound on my graphics and kill my frame rate? Any suggfestions on how to make it better please let me know.

Thank's to all in advanced!


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