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I'm fairly new to this downloading process. I read the sticky and am able to download planes. However, regardless of what website I use, I'm lucky if 1 out of 10 of the planes I download actually end up in either FS9 or FSX. Is this normal?
Second question: Does anyone know where I can get a GOOD download (pay or free) of the B-36? Would prefer the jet-less variant. Nothing like listening to those 6 props whining!!! (You guessed it - I'm a prop-head!).
The free download on this site has the jest sound being the predominant one.

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All your aircraft should show up if they are properly installed.
FSX should only go to FSX and keep FS9 for FS9 although some will load into FSX.
This is made for FSX not for use in FS9.
They make some great old war prop aircraft.

Check out their free page for FS9 discontinued aircraft, some nice stuff.


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I bought the B-36. The sound of those radial engines is something you have to hear to believe!

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