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I have some aircraft whose exterior lights (nav, beacon, strobe etc) look too big and bright, what I call the fuzzy look.

I have looked in the aircraft.cfg file to see if I can change the light value or change the appropriate file it is using for the lights. I must admit however that I cannot see where the lights come from and hence I cannot change it. Is it a texture file of effects file etc etc??

Is there a way to either change the value to make it more realistic, or get it use another light source which I know looks better?


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You're on the right track, look in the aircraft.cfg under [electrical].

There is a payware alternative, just google for A2A Simulations Redux lights. It's possible that the Redux for FSX pops up first but there is a version for FS9. At the A2A site you'll also find a long list of parameters for many aircraft types so you don't have to figure it out yourself. Definitely worth a look.

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I found a freeware package called Nick's Light Fix V2 by Nick Needham. This provides excellent instructions on what to do with the aircraft.cfg file. Apparently some aircraft add-ons use the regular Microsoft lights and just re-name them for their own aircraft, so it is simply a case of going to the [LIGHTS] section and changing the name of the fx file.

HOWEVER, for some unknown reason, the AI aircraft that come with the MyTraffic 2010 package, do not have any [LIGHTS] section in the aircraft.cfg file. This means I cannot change it, plus I cannot add Nick's jet exhaust to any AI aircraft.

This is crazy, as my last traffic package had a normal [LIGHTS] section, so where the hell are these new aircraft getting their lights from???? I contacted Aerosoft and they simply said "look at the aircraft.cfg file" - big help guys!!!!!!

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