747 AWOL

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Hi guys,

I am wondering ifany one has had the same problem.

I was flying the Microsft default 747 model the other day and all was well, then next time I went to fly it.................IT WAS GONE !!

All the files are still in the correct Airplanes folder, I have checked the aircraft.cfg is correct against the default (crabed a copy of the internet), and all ok.

I have even restarted FSX with just the b747-400 file in the airplanes folder incase of a conflict with another model, but nope still wouldn't load.

Anyone got any ideas !!! Or can anyone email me the original folder/files.

I'm baffled.

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Put a checkmark in the box on the aircraft menu page that says something like "show all variations" and see if it shows up.


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That was one of the first thing I tried.

Cheers for ya input though.

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Has the name of the panel changed? If the panel folder is renamed, the aircraft won't show in the selector.

Oh, will you still see the 747 appear as AI?

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Just realised the model folder is missing, anyone fancy emaling a copy of theres to me ?

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