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im having some problems with weather on fs2004
when ever i set the weather to real world, or cold fronts ect

the speed dials on the plane go mad.
so then when i set the autopilot, the throttles are on full because it doesnt know what speed im doing due to the fact the dials are going up and down, or stuck on 000.

is there something ive done wrong?
some settings i should change?
im sick of flying with the weather on 'fair weather' all the time..

any help guys??

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it sounds like the pitot is not on........your stuff is freezing up which is causing your speed and gauges to go kuku 😳

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yourtoserious Trainee

how do i correct this problem?

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honuala First Officer

turn on the "PITOT" or pilot heat heres what i am talking about

its usually on the overhead it will sometimes be called pilot heat. hope this helps 🍻 Group Wave

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