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So I put together my new PC, pretty much just to get some decent performance out of FSX.

PC Specs:
Intel i7 920 @ 4.158 GHz w/ Venomous X CPU cooler Temps no higher than 75 with stress testing, ussually around 60 - 65 with FSX running - Safe
Gigabyte x58a-ud7 mobo
12 GB G. Skill Ripjaws 2000 MHz Ram
ATI HD 5870 1 GB GPU OC'd @ 890 / 1290 MHz
Win 7 on OCZ 60 GB SSD
FSX + addons on 128 GB Falcon SSD
Everything else on external and 300 GB Velociraptor.

I went ahead and cleared out everything, running on 7 Ultimate 64bit, FSX, Accel, GEX, REX, UTX, and FTX Pacific NW. Just wanted to do a test flight with high settings and C172 out of Seattle-Tacoma. DX10 on, bloom off, shadows on plane off, 2xlow water, Very Dense autogen, 30% AI Traffic (No traffic addons yet), and high rez textures from addons, etc.

Now, I've just spent $3000+ on a pretty fine PC I built. I've gone through the CFG trying multiple settings, and played with my sliders without getting much of a huge difference. Currently I'm getting around 10-15 FPS around this urban area, and not much higher than 20 every where else.

It just seems low for a PC of this caliber. It stutters a bit to. So I know for some of you guys benchmarking KSEA at 25 - 30+ FPS smooth with similar setups, what am I doing wrong? I must be missing a step or two, somewhere.

My guess is the RAM might be screwing with something. I'm noticing my auto-set timings are really high and from what I understand, the lower the better. I can get it to 8 - 8 - 8 - 20 I believe and the computer boots up fine. Anything lower than that, and it craps out. Not exactly sure how I should go about OCing RAM without making the whole system unstable.

I've got latest drivers for all components.

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Your computer is more than able to run it but with GEX, REX, UTX, and FTX Pacific NW and whatever else you added your taxing it beyond it's capabilities.
Either try running it fresh without all the add-ons or tweak, tweak, tweak until you can.


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