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MyTraffic X Aircrafts Still There? Need HELP!

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Er-Jin Jang (hizmercy) Trainee

Hi all,
I installed My Traffic X then removed it.
So I went on and installed the FSAircrafter tool to manage my airplanes.
However, I wondered why the program was soooo sluggish.
To my surprise, all the MyTrafficX airplanes, by now all gone, were still "registered" in the aircrafts list. (and these MyTraffic X airplanes count up into the hundreds) 😕
Whenever I press the "Go to aircraft folder" button, an explorer error message pops up saying that there is no such directory, which is not surprising.
Does anyone know how to get rid of these invalid airplane registries?
Any help will be appreciated.

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Er-Jin Jang (hizmercy) Trainee

Interestingly, the tool for solving this was completely unrelated to FS or Windows. 😳
I reinstalled FSX and everything else (FSDS, FSPS, ADE, ...) with no luck.
Then I figured that I might be able to bring up that WED tool that I used to use with X-Plane 9. (WED is pretty much the ADE or AFX equiv. for XPlane)
Just for info, you could get WED for free at x-plane dot com / scenery.

Open WED
Choose any scenery pack
File > Import apt.dat
Explorer window (but showing hidden, hidden HIDDEN files too), delete or modify your files.

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