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windows 7 and FSX

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I have searched but cannot find any instructional topics on installing FSX (Deluxe) on Windows 7 64 bit. Can you give me a link which identifies anything special the requires removing the "nanny" settings in Windows 7?

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I don't know what nanny settings you are talking about, but I installed FSX on my machine that has 7 64bit just fine.

However, it took me a few times to get it to install. I can't remember what happened, something about a file being corrupt or something, but it eventually worked since I never gave up.

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Hi, remember that fsx is an old 32 bit program and needs to be loaded to the Program files x86/Microsoft games/

It works well on win 7 watch out on win 8/ 8.1 is slightly better than 8 it still is limited to the amount of memory it can use so the memory above 2gb is wasted a bit....
Don't forget to use the "Install as administrator option on all programs.

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